Important Notes:
  1. DO NOT insert terms of payment on the contractor's bid.  The lenders method of payment will prevail.  
  2. On HomeStyle loans – Labor and materials DO NOT have to be separated, only on FHA 203K loans.
  4. Borrower and contractor should sign before submitting.
  5. If the home was built before 7/1978, and the loan is FHA, contractor must indicate that either they are lead paint certified by the state, or that they will use a lead paint certified sub.
  6. Nowhere on the bid should there be an indication that anyone else is doing work to the home other than the GC or any subs. No one else, such as the “owner” or their family or friend.


123 Main St.

City, ST, Zip                                                                         License #, and class of contractor (i/a)

Customer name                                                                Subject property address

Introduction and brief description of work to be completed.  EX: “Enclosed is a comprehensive bid to complete renovations to the above referenced property.  The work includes system repairs, kitchen renovation, addition of a bathroom, among other items requested by the customer.

  1. Plumbing: Materials $1000.00          Labor $875.00
    • Repair leak to sink in existing first floor bathroom.
    • Install rough in plumbing for new additional bath on second floor. This is a full bath, including sink, toilet and walk in shower.
    • Install all bath amenities for new bathroom, style/brand chosen by customer.
  1. Electrical: Materials $550.00             Labor $1000.00
    • Update and/or add wiring for kitchen renovation and additional bathroom on second floor.
    • Install smoke detectors per code. (Est. 6 units)
  1. HVAC: Materials $150.00             Labor $700.00
    • Repair current heating plant. Just needs routine maintenance to extend the life of unit. [Note: It would be wise to replace entire unit with more energy efficient plant, but that option must be selected by customer.]
  1. Tile: Material $1100.00            Labor $1000.00
    • Install tile to floor of new bathroom being added to second floor.
    • Install tile surround to walk in shower, including floor, ceiling, and walls. Tile color and style to be selected by customer.
    • Install tile backsplash in kitchen behind sink, approximately 12” to either side of sink, and flush to bottom of window sill and cabinets.
  1. Appliances: Material $3150.00            Labor $200
    • Installation of new refrigerator, range (gas), and dishwasher. Customer to select.

Total bid amount, includes all materials, labor, permits, and profit.                            TOTAL   $9725.00

Bor.___________________________ Date_______   Cont.__________________________ Date_______