Dear Borrower,

Thank you for agreeing to conduct a Loan Consultation with me.  To make the time we spend together most productive and effective, it would be helpful for you to do the following –

  • If meeting by phone, be in a stationary location (not driving) in a quiet space.  If more than one person will be on the consult, you may use a speaker phone, but there shouldn’t be any background noise.  Also, if you and another borrower or party are in separate locations, I can conference you in.  (If we are meeting in person for the consult, none of the above applies.)
  • Have a piece of paper and something to write with to take notes.
  • Even if you have sent me any income, asset, credit or other docs, please still have that information handy for the Consultation.
  • Other critical information you should have ready: Sales price of home; the amount you might offer; (if a refinance, the balance of all liens against the house); your best guesstimate of the cost of renovation; and the real estate taxes on the home.
  • It is very helpful to read the “Renovation Steps” tab first, which might prompt some more questions for you to ask.  Write down all the questions you can think of in advance.